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Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World

Engaging, self-guided, online course designed to fit your busy schedule.


  - Start anytime, anywhere
  - 30-item assessment of your EI
  - Learn at your own pace
- Step-by-step guide to greater EI
- Includes 50 practical tips
- Learn from videos and exercises
- Action plan to enhance your skills

What's Included in this course?

By increasing your EI skills, you will enhance your ability to empathize with others and act with compassion—and to be the change you wish to see in the world.


Here’s what included in the course:


  • Confidential 30-item self-assessment of Emotional Intelligence skills

  • Access to lessons, videos, photos, references, and discussion—seven lessons that are approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length

  • Downloadable exercises and reflections to enhance and reinforce learning

  • More than 50 practical, easy-to-implement techniques you can begin using today to enhance your Emotional Intelligence skills

  • Action planning guide to plan your path toward greater well-being and compassionate action

How Does This Work?

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World consists of seven modules:

  1. Introduction and Self-Assessment
  2. Awareness of the Self

  3. Actions of the Self

  4. Awareness of Others

  5. Interaction with Others

  6. Resilience

  7. Action Planning


You will find several questions for reflection at the bottom of many pages. You can simply think about your responses, or you may want to keep a journal as you go through the course. May all of us grow in compassion to create a better world for every living being.

I hope you will enjoy this journey toward:

  • increasing your awareness of Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies

  • learning how to enhance your EI skills for greater success and well-being for yourself and your relationships--in the family, the workplace, and the community

  • applying the skills of Emotional Intelligence to build a more compassionate world community


This course has been designed so that you can learn at your own place and pace and within a comfortable time frame. As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can tune into the course anywhere--at your desk in the workplace, in your favorite armchair at home, or perhaps sitting on a sunny deck somewhere with a beautiful view of the natural world.

At any point, you can go back and view any portion of the course again.

What Do Students Say?

“Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World is a well thought out, well-researched, and effectively paced and presented online course.  The author, Barbara Kerr, Ph.D., offers the course participant an enjoyable, fun, and information packed journey of inner discovery:  a truly useful and valuable learning experience to the heart of one of the most important topics of our day–Emotional Intelligence.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is truly interested in developing this crucial aspect of human character;  wherever they happen to be on the EQ-i scale.”

–Brian H., MA Registered Clinical Counsellor

“Thank you for putting this course together, and your insightful, kind, and relevant comments, which I enjoyed very much—it felt like being with a friend. Thank you all for sharing this time together. In gratitude.”

            –Claudia H.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments, Barbara. I will complete an action plan for enhancing my Emotional Intelligence. Thanks!”

                 –Kathy S.

I can't recall a training where I was so involved and learned so much.

                   --David E.

“I appreciated how Barbara Kerr presented a wealth of resources and information on emotional intelligence and compassion in such a well organized manner, and encouraged perspective taking and self-examination. I highly recommend this course and am grateful to Barbara for clearly leading the way to a more connected and compassionate world!”

            –Loretta R.,  Licensed Professional Counselor, LMFT

"I feel very grateful for Karen Armstrong’s clear vision and bold call to arms . . . “that we should build a Global Community based on the Golden Rule” . . . and with enormous relief I feel that I have found a way forward which starts with setting myself right and becoming more emotionally intelligent.”

            –Magdalene S.

“Thank you Barbara, what a meaningful course. Thank you for all the time and focus to put this all together and share.”

            –Lucinda H.



   Seven self-paced modules

   Immediate access to content

   Engaging videos and exercises

   No time limits to learning

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World


Does This Describe You?

  • You are aware of so many people in need of compassion—in the community where you live, and far beyond to communities everywhere in the world of nearly 8 billion.


  • You believe that humankind has the potential to behave better, to treat each other with kindness, respect, and compassion—with the goal of creating a more peaceful world.


  • You would like to act with greater compassion and make a difference, but you may feel alone, or overwhelmed, or even despairing in your determination to “be the change” that Gandhi talked about.


If this describes you, I invite you to join me, along with a community of concerned and caring people, in the online, on-demand course, Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World.

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