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Barbara A. Kerr, Ph.D.


It is my passionate belief that all of us could improve our individual lives and our collective world by enhancing our Emotional Intelligence (EI). Let me try to explain how I came to that idea, so you can decide whether this course is for you!

When I was developing the initial version of the course, Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World, I lived on a small island off the coast of Seattle, Washington. I was finding my way in the aftermath of chemo and radiation for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I sat in a tiny, heated tower up a spiral staircase in my home above Puget Sound and thought about how I could make an online course from what I had been learning and sharing with individuals and teams as a coach and consultant.


I had done a lot of strategic planning and accreditation work for colleges and universities--certainly significant and satisfying work. But along the way, I discovered that what individuals, teams, and organizations needed most was best defined as Emotional Intelligence. In my coaching work, I found this to be true for all human relationships as well. I developed workshops to assist teams and leaders in establishing resonant organizations based on enhanced Emotional Intelligence.


As I sat in my little tower, looking out at the water and the trees with deep gratitude for being alive, I was convinced that I could touch many more people by creating an experiential and engaging course. While the course has evolved over these past few years, I have had the privilege of teaching it "live online," interacting daily with students from all walks of life and from all over the world. Many students have touched my heart, and I am convinced that we have all learned to be more self-aware, build satisfying relationships with the people in our lives, and build resilience to carry us through the inevitable slings and arrows of human life.


Kindest Regards,


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